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Specializing in the production of all kinds of

marine fishing trawl nets, purse nets and

deep sea aquaculture cages



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Address: Xiaobotou Industrial Park, Wudi County, Binzhou City, Shandong Province

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Established in 2015
The company covers an area of 30,000 square meters



Wudi Lido Fishing Net Co., Ltd. is located in Xiaobotou Fishing Net Industrial Park, Binzhou City, on the coast of

Bohai Sea. It has convenient land and water transportation, specializing in the production of monofilament, thread,

rope and netting gears; Established in 2015, Wudi Lido Fishing Net Co., Ltd. (originally named as Fuxinhe

Thread Factory established in 2001) provides main products such as marine fishing trawl nets, purse nets and

deep sea aquaculture net cages.Details





Insect net
Insect net
Professional production of insect nets, factory direct sales of pure raw material production, economical. HDPE material insect net can effectively resist locust disasters, and at the same time has anti-hail effect.
Trellis Netting 6in Square Mesh (Gardening net、Gardening net、Morning glory net)
Trellis Netting 6in Square Mesh (Gardening net、Gardening net、Morning glory net)
Support mesh, or trellis netting, helps you support your crops when they could bend or break. The Support Net Carnea Plus 1517 is specifically intended as a vertical application. It supports the plants that grow significantly in length and height. Application includes several vegetables, such as beans and peas. In addition, plants with soft fruit, such as raspberries and brambles, also benefit from the functioning of this netting. The rectangular meshes offer an optimal support.
HDPEFishing net line
HDPEFishing net line
Crawling net Gardening network  Cucumber net
Crawling net Gardening network Cucumber net
Factory direct sales of various specifications vine network. Pure raw material production, each process is strictly controlled. ensure quality
Climbing Vine Net
Climbing Vine Net
Climbing net
Climbing net
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main products such as marine fishing trawl nets,

purse nets and deep sea aquaculture net cages. 

Fishing net type dragging net operation

The dragging net is generally in a long strip shape. According to structural form, there are two types: net without sacks and net with sacks. The headline and leadline of dragging-net gears are equipped with floats and sinkers, respectively. Sacks of single-sack structure are mostly located in the middle of the two wings, and some are only on one side of the net. In order to prevent fish from jumping out of the net during operation, some headlines are additionally installed with net covers. In order to improve the catching efficiency of bottom layer fish, some nets are equipped with a row of small sacks near leadline, called 100-bag net. In recent years, electricity is supplied to leadline to improve fishing efficiency. The nets with single-wing sacks are mostly used in rivers, lakes or reservoirs, and their length is usually several hundred meters depending on the capacity of hauling net and water areas, and the longest length is up to 2-3 kilometers. The height is 1.5-2 times of the depth of water, and the nets used in pond culture are sack-free, with a length of about 1.5-2 times of pool width. The height of dragging net is 3-4 times of water depth. The nests applied in coastal fishing combine the characteristics of the two kinds of nets, with a length of 100-500 meters generally, and a mesh length of 30-80mm. Generally, large-sized netting gears usually adopt mechanical or animal power to drag and pull nets, while small-sized netting gears usually adopt manual operation and can be divided into two types according to operation mode: under ice and non-under ice. The former works in rivers and lakes in the frigid zones and severe winter, while the latter is also called open-water ground dragging seine. When a net is placed, the net is first placed into an arc-shaped enclosure; and gradually narrowed by dragging small branch warps at the two ends of the net until the net is pulled to the shore to collect the catches.
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